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Landmark Company History

Landmark is in the business of altering what is possible for people. We provide practical, powerful, relevant programs that result in breakthroughs in people’s performance, communication, relationships, overall satisfaction and peace of mind. With more than 2.4 million people having participated in courses in more than 21 countries, Landmark is recognized as a global leader in the field of personal and professional growth, training and development. 

The early days: A small company with a bold idea

In January 1991, a group of dedicated individuals established Landmark as a company with the mission of making a profound and lasting difference for people and the quality of their lives. 

Central to its formulation, Landmark acquired programs and a body of intellectual material developed by Werner Erhard, the creator of transformational models and applications for individual, organizational and social transformation. Erhard, more than 40 years after creating the ground breaking (now-retired) est Training, continues to create and stimulate business and academic conversations today with his innovative ideas, most recently in the areas of integrity, performance and leadership. Mr. Erhard has lectured at Harvard University, Yale University, University of Rochester Simon School of Business and Erasmus University. Landmark’s programs are based in these transformative models and programs.

Landmark’s enormously dedicated and creative staff built itself into the leading-edge provider of transformative education in the world. With a very real commitment to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives, Landmark today provides more than 55 programs that alter how people view themselves, the world and what is possible—and have a direct positive impact on their effectiveness in fulfilling what is really important to them.

Community leaders and catalysts for change

What was unpredictable was the remarkable ripple effect of these programs.  In addition to the programs’ profound and practical impact on people’s personal lives, thousands of our graduates have used Landmark’s principles and tools to make a difference in their communities and organizations, many with far-reaching and global influence. The Self-Expression and Leadership Program has been the primary catalyst for participants creating more than 100,000 community projects around the world. 

In the business domain, employers who use Landmark’s programs and services as a resource report significantly higher levels of leadership and vision, employee performance, motivation, creativity and satisfaction. Vanto Group, the subsidiary founded to serve our corporate customers, has worked with a wide range of organizations worldwide, including Lockheed Martin; Apple Computer; the United States Pentagon and the Department of the Navy; Mercedes Benz, USA; Panda Express; Reebok; BHP Billiton (Australia); Petrobras (Brazil); Lululemon (Canada) and hundreds of others. 

A bold new era—and a bold new vision

Now in our third decade, we appreciate the endorsements we’ve received from thousands of accomplished leaders worldwide, including CEOs of global corporations, world-class athletes, renowned artists, widely respected academics, top health professionals, and internationally recognized humanitarians. 

Landmark continues to innovate and develop new content and powerful programs—all within the context of making an enormous difference in people’s lives and providing an extraordinary experience for our customers.

All of this—everything Landmark is up to—reflects our core commitment to empowering and enabling people in fulfilling on what they’re interested in, what they care about, and what matters most to them.

That’s who we are, and that’s what we stand for. 

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