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Landmark Leader Programs

What marks a Landmark leader is pure and simple: a dedication to possibility. Leaders of Landmark's programs, instead of merely pointing people toward convenient answers and known pathways to success, operate from a vibrant and unmitigated stand for a world of possibility. That stand allows them to push up against the limits of what's commonly believed, to go beyond the limits people might think of as fixed, and to do so with grace and vision.

Landmark leaders are people who continually expand their capacity to create. Functioning together in an extraordinary way, they operate with enormous integrity, call each other to be bigger than how they've known themselves to be, complement each other’s strengths, and have a common goal larger than any individual one. Landmark leaders produce extraordinary results. They play an integral role in people's lives and in making the Landmark enterprise all that it is.

As a leader of Landmark's programs, you will engage with people as they begin to explore and shift the very reality of how they know themselves. You will create an environment in which people can step out of the world they know, explore the full panoply available in being human, and act on that possibility.

Having that kind of leadership role carries with it enormous responsibility and integrity. It comes from a deep regard for the dignity and humanity of others. It is a role for those who are committed to making the impossible possible—for others and for themselves.

To find out more about specific leadership opportunities, contact your local Landmark office.