Evening Seminars

Designed to empower and enable you, these seminars focus on topics that make life powerful, such as relationships, creativity, performance, peace of mind, and what it takes to make a difference. In each one, you’ll work on what's up in front of you—personal projects and objectives as large or specific as you like—and find the means for making possibility a reality.

  • Landmark Forum in Action

    Apply the insights you learned in The Landmark Forum in your everyday life.

  • An Invented Life: My Life, My Design

    Scientists, philosophers, educators all have ideas and perspectives about what makes us tick. Through their work we've become more attentive to complexities of brain science, the process of cognition, theories of self, and more.

  • Being Extraordinary: The Art and Practice of Living from Possibility 

    In The Landmark Forum, you discovered the possibility that being extraordinary is not something limited to a select few, but the quality that life - and you - take on when you are up to something, when your life is about something beyond the constraints of circumstance and history.

  • Beyond Fitness: A Breakthrough in Well-Being

    Fitness is a buzzword, a concern that for many has become a way of life.

  • Breakthroughs: Living Outside the Box

    A breakthrough is often thought of as a one-time event—a quantum leap that moves us “outside the box.” This seminar addresses how to operate powerfully once we are in that new territory—how to manage and sustain a breakthrough and have that new place be a platform for generating the next level of living.

  • Causing the Miraculous: A New Realm of Possibility

    Oftentimes, we think “yes, we can create possibilities,” “yes, we have a say in the matter” - but can we really create something outside of what we consider the realm of the possible?

  • Commitment: The Pathway to Adventure

    In the natural drift of life, we often fall into roles, identities, and ways of being—roles we play but have not invented or designed. Often we are unaware that a jumble of commitments that developed ad-hoc is at the root of these “default” roles. In this seminar, you discover the very nature of commitment —the power of your word.

  • Creating Happiness: The Sheer Joy of Being Alive

    Each of us wants to be happy. Yet few can say with much precision just what happiness is or what brings it about.

  • Creativity: Life by Design

    Creativity requires the willingness to suspend easy answers and quick solutions—to step beyond the familiar and the known into uncharted territory where there are no guideposts and the outcome is uncertain.

  • Excellence: In the Zone

    Excellence begins when we know that being good or even competent won't carry the day, when doing more or trying harder won't bridge the gap, when excellence is simply the only alternative.

  • Integrity: The Bottom Line

    Integrity is often thought of as moral uprightness and steadfastness - making the “good” choices, doing the “right thing.” In fact, it is far more than that.

  • Living Passionately: The Art & Mastery of Playing the Game of Life

    Many of us have arrived at a level of living where we feel a sense of confidence and effectiveness in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of each day. At this stage we often get a glimpse of another dimension of life - a dimension of living passionately, of experiencing excellence in every area with which we're engaged.

  • Living Powerfully: A Life that Defies the Predictable

    Each of us wants to live a life that’s a match for who we are, but sometimes we get wrapped up with the circumstances of life, and forget that living powerfully is always available to us.

  • Money: From Concern to Freedom

    Most of the time we relate to money as something separate from ourselves - a “thing” to be managed, lost, spent, or saved - but rarely do we appreciate the use of money, with its myriad implications as a conversation that we invented to lend power to our own interactions.

  • Producing Breakthrough Results: Parts I and II

    Producing Breakthrough Results is a two-part seminar series on what it takes to produce results beyond what is reasonable and predictable, beyond “business as usual.”

  • Relationships: The Basics of Love, Romance, and Partnership

    Love, genuinely and authentically expressed, is enormously powerful. It can connect us profoundly and intimately.

  • Sex and Intimacy: From Predicament to Possibility

    Attraction, chemistry, desire—what is it that makes up the magic and intimacy we share with another?

  • Success: The Power of Context

    Many of us disempower ourselves by comparing ourselves with others, keeping around old conversations of failure, or not meeting our own or others’ expectations.

  • Create a Future of Your Own Design

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