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Capitalism and Society

A paper on the topic of one of Landmark's fundamental distinctions, integrity, has been published by Capitalism & Society, a prestigious economic journal published by Columbia University. Titled ‘Putting Integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive Approach’, the paper is written by Werner Erhard and Michael C. Jensen.

Werner Erhard is the developer and creator of the original programs and intellectual property that are the basis of Landmark's programs - Erhard currently lectures at top universities throughout the world.

Michael C. Jensen, Ph.D. is a world renowned economist and the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School.

This academic paper has been receiving attention from top scholars, with its working papers appearing in the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States, and the European Corporate Governance Institute in the European Union. The final paper is now published in Volume 12, Issue 1 of Capitalism & Society.

The work powerfully looks at issues that have resulted in a steady stream of scandals in the financial sector over the past decade. Erhard and Jensen's work doesn't simply examine these issues, but instead offers ways to intervene and cause radical, positive shifts in performance, with the possibility of a dramatically positive effect on the bottom line through increased integrity.

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