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You are Invited to a Special Evening about The Landmark Forum

Please join me in June for a special evening to find out more about The Landmark Forum and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

How we see it is how it is. Contexts are decisive. We live our lives essentially unaware of contexts. They exist by default and are always influencing what we do, who we are, the choices we make. Just as decisive as living from a default context, is living from a created or invented context. The difference, however, is the difference between a life of predictability and a life of possibility.

In The Landmark Forum, life becomes framed in a new way—how we approach the world and the way the world approaches us changes, providing direct access to shaping what’s possible.

At this special evening, you’ll experience what The Landmark Forum is like, meet people who lead it, and gain insights into the areas that matter most to you.

Find dates and locations in June that are convenient for you.