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You are Invited to a Special Evening about The Landmark Forum

Please join me in March for a special evening to find out more about The Landmark Forum and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

“I know”, “I know better”, “I agree”, “I disagree”, “I like”, “I dislike”... We essentially enter into conversations with opinions, evaluations, or questions that are already and always at play.

In listening without those overlays, in hearing where another person is pointing, we choose to risk being changed by what we hear. A more malleable, fluid world becomes available. The province of possibility emerges, and what it attracts, what we can make happen, has the power to reshape the course of events.

The Landmark Forum is about the possibilities available to each of us. It is through language and conversation that we come alive—it is there that we know and experience life, making communication the most important and fundamental aspect of fulfilling what is possible.

At this special evening, you’ll experience what The Landmark Forum is like, meet people who lead it, and gain insights into the areas that matter most to you.

Find dates and locations in March that are convenient for you.