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Mayfair Mind Over Matter
- The Mayfair Magazine
CBS Intimacy Intimacy Through Communication (video)
canarywharf_featured_article Goal Rush
- Canary Wharf Magazine

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Canary Wharf Magazine - Goal Rush
Goal Rush
Canary Wharf Magazine
This luxury lifestyle magazine in London calls on various experts for tips on living the good life – along with smart advice on how to dress smarter, stress less, get fit with no free time and order wine, Landmark is featured front and center as “the ‘go to’ for anyone looking to make a real change in their lives.
irish tatlerman
Tried and Tested: The Landmark Forum
Irish Tatler Man
Ireland’s glossy lifestyle magazine for men sent two reporters to The Landmark Forum to see if it’s really possible to positively and permanently impact the quality of one’s life in just three days. Read their review here.
Mind Over Matter
The Mayfair Magazine
A prominent London lifestyle magazine features a firsthand account of The Landmark Forum as part of their guide to living well.
South African Art Comes to Chicago (video)
Woman credits Landmark Leadership program for inspiring her to bring South African art to Americans.
ottawa citizen
A win for Wakefield – Personal development course turned into fundraiser, business
Ottawa Citizen
How a Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program project started with a single charity run and blossomed into a thriving event management company.
golocal news icon
Leading in Central MA: Justin Jarboe, CEO, The Jarboe Group
GoLocal Worcester
“While in my Self-Expression and Leadership program at Landmark I discovered that I am not doing this world a service by hiding in the shadows,” says a Massachusetts entrepreneur who went on to create a charitable foundation that supports underprivileged people in his community.
ABC15 Phoenix
Defusing Upsets and Creating Family Harmony (video)
ABC15 Phoenix
Landmark Spokesperson and Program Leader Josselyne Herman-Saccio discusses what it takes to have family harmony in any situation.
business insider
YEC Member Spotlight: Michael J. Parker, DSFederal Inc.
Business Insider
How do you take your business to the next level? Register for The Landmark Forum, says the president and co-founder of an Inc. 100 company.
The Huffington Post icon
Transforming the Not for Profit Sector by Telling the Truth:
An Interview with Vik Maraj of Unstoppable Conversations

The Huffington Post
A leading expert in transforming communities and organizations who was empowered by the ‘wakeup call’ of The Landmark Forum discusses what it will take for non-profits to fulfill their potential.
Female model’s shocking transformation (video)
The Landmark Forum inspired one woman to take action on an unusual dream.
business insider
Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Shares The Best Advice He Ever Got
Business Insider
The founder of a multi-billion dollar clothing giant shares how The Landmark Forum contributed to his success.
new york post
The moment a model went from gal to guy
New York Post
From swimwear to menswear: model Elliott Sailors, a Landmark graduate, shares how she reinvented her career.
Living the Adventure Called Your Life (video)
Keys to sustainable happiness: Jean Lloyd, Landmark Communication Course Leader, delivers a feature presentation at TEDxBellevue.
Learn How Spouses Can Achieve Intimacy Through Communication (video)
CBS Los Angeles KCAL
Josselyne Herman-Saccio discusses three keys to creating intimacy in any relationship.
Deborah Beroset Miller on Work-Life Balance (video)
Landmark’s Deborah Beroset Miller on work-life balance – creating a new view of life rather than just reacting to it.
Psychology Today
Why We Are the Way We Are
Psychology Today
Jen Kim does The Landmark Forum and rediscovers her passion for life.
First a breakthrough in thinking, then action!
An investigative reporter took part in The Landmark Forum in London in May of 2013. Here’s what she found.
CNN Money
Do you speak Lululemon?
CNN Money
Leading edge apparel company Lululemon has developed a vocabulary for success, much of it inspired by Landmark.
Deseret News
In-laws and Holidays: A Guide to Happier Family Gatherings
Deseret News
Landmark Forum leader David Cunningham is quoted on how you can make a holiday gathering the best your family's ever had.
NBC 5 Chicago
How To Separate Work Life From Home Life (video)
NBC 5 Chicago
Landmark communication expert Josselyne Herman-Saccio discusses how to have it all (not do it all) with work and family.
Pretty Connected
Inside The Landmark Forum: Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love
Pretty Connected
New York beauty and fashion blogger Lara Eurdolian does The Landmark Forum and discovers the difference between having it all and enjoying it all.
KOMO 4 Seattle
Defusing Conflict and Drama
KOMO 4, Seattle
Landmark Forum Leader David Cunningham discusses how to defuse tense situations and conflicts with those you care about, especially around the holidays.
Israel Today
The Ambassadress
Israel Today
Israel’s leading actress on life, work, marriage, and the power of The Landmark Forum.
5 FM Radio Cape Town South Africa
Adopt a Dancer—Rhythm in the City
5 FM Radio—Cape Town, South Africa
One woman's mission to change the lives of disadvantaged children through dance
NBC Affiliates
Landmark – Be Extraordinary (video)
NBC Affiliates
Landmark is proud to have worked with NBC owned television stations as an advertiser of local coverage of the 2012 London Olympics.
What It Takes to Overcome Trauma in Your Life
WKTV, Utica, NY
Grace and resilience in the face of difficult circumstances.
Winning Over Whining (video)
Do you have a whiner in your life? Do you maybe whine a bit too much?  Landmark’s David Cunningham shares powerful ways to deal with it.
Daytime TV
How to De-stress Your Travel
Daytime TV
Landmark’s David Cunningham appears on this nationally syndicated show to share simple ways to steer clear of stress while traveling.
Landmark Graduates on Finding Peace in Forgiveness (video)
Starting Point on CNN
Gary Weinstein did the unthinkable: he forgave the drunk driver who killed his family.
5 Ways to be Happier Now
Who’s not interested in being happier? But who’s got the time to think about it, right?
The New York Times
Vows, Gail Marquis and Audrey Smaltz
The New York Times
The venerable "Vows" column features two high-profile women who participate in Landmark programs.
Delta Sky Magazine
Mr. Mass Appeal
Delta Sky Magazine
Actor Neil Patrick Harris shares how the Landmark Forum helped him lose the child star “baggage” and get his career on the right track.
Staten Island Advance
Don't Let Nagging Bring Down Your Relationship
Staten Island Advance
Smart tips on how to break cycles that can corrode relationships.
Irish Mail on Sunday
One weekend to fix your LIFE?
Irish Mail on Sunday
“People find themselves reconciled with parents, exes and friends. They have conversations they have wanted to have for years; they get promoted in work….The effect [The Landmark Forum] has on family relationships can be life-changing.”
Cleaning Up My Messes
There’s a lot to be gained from cleaning up messes and getting complete.
More Magazine
The Best Thing I Ever Bought
More Magazine
Whether it was an impulse-buy or a long-term investment, MORE staffers share those purchases they've made that are still paying off.
CBS Los Angeles KCAL 9
Conflict-Free Celebrations with Family and Friends (video)
CBS Los Angeles KCAL-9
Landmark Spokesperson Josselyne Herman-Saccio talks about creating conflict-free holiday get-togethers and how to avoid the pitfall of perfection-seeking.
The Key to Affinity and Love (video)
Landmark Forum leader Michal Ziv, one of the featured speakers at TEDxJaffa, delivers a moving presentation on the power of listening and its ability to transform relationships.
CBS Los Angeles KCAL 9
Creating a Life You Love in Just a Few Words (video)
CBS Los Angeles KCAL-9
Landmark Spokesperson Josselyne Herman-Saccio sheds light on the influence of language in our everyday lives, and provides a 3-step process to create a life you love.
Oklahoma City TV KSBI OK52
What Moms Really Want...(video)
Oklahoma City TV KSBI OK52
Landmark's Deborah Beroset shares simple, inexpensive ways to make this Mother's Day one mom will never forget.
The Wall Street Journal
Friendly Fight: A Smarter Way to Say 'I'm Angry' 
The Wall Street Journal
Landmark Education Executive Dr. Nancy Zapolski and some Landmark graduates are featured in this article on how to communicate effectively rather than let angry feelings fester.
ABC Nightline
Ingredients to Success
ABC Nightline
Andrew Cherng, co-CEO of the Panda Express Chinese food chain with revenues exceeding $1.4 billion last year, shares his recipe for business success and names Landmark Education as his favorite personal development program.
Time Magazine
Change We Can (Almost) Believe In
Time Magazine
Time Magazine contributor Nathan Thornburgh features Landmark Education as "the first stop in any transformation tour".
Better TV
Keeping the Peace (video)
A fun, inspiring real-life look at how one busy family uses Landmark's family communication tools to resolve upsets.
WLS ABC 7 TV Chicago Illinois USA
Transform Your Finances in 2011
WLS - ABC 7 TV (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Landmark Spokesperson Deborah Beroset shares the 3 Cs Recipe to soothe your credit card hangover.
The New York Times
You're O.K., but I'm Not. Let's Share.
New York Times
Henry Alford, well-known, sardonic, New York humorist, takes The Landmark Forum and sees a new possibility. Referencing the famous Sartre quote, "hell is other people", he writes, "I know in my heart that hell is other people. But now I'm open to the possibility that heaven is, too."
Bloomberg Businessweek
Fast-food Chinese Chain Panda Express is Turning Self-help Tenets into Serious Cash Flow
Bloomberg Businessweek
"I see the benefit of Landmark to the human race," [Cherng] says.
Create a Job You Love
Whether you want an entirely new career or more positive perspective on your current job, these insights and strategies from Landmark Forum leader David Cunningham will have you jump-starting your future.
The New York Times
Hired to Bring Order, Kings'  Adviser Brings Peace
The New York Times
Landmark chairman credited with facilitating peace among family of Martin Luther King, Jr.
KSA 2 Saudi TV Channel 2
Landmark Education and Creating Fresh Perspectives (video) | transcript
KSA 2: Saudi TV Channel 2
What does it take to be successful? Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset provides expertise on transformative learning vs. informative learning on a show that aired throughout the Middle East.
Happiness after Midlife
An Interview with Joe DiMaggio on Happiness
Happiness after Midlife
"Performance is not always caused by or an effect of something, but rather is correlated to - or in a dance with - the way the world shows up for us."
Kalamazoo Gazette
Family Reunion Fixes
Kalamazoo Gazette
Family get-togethers can involve a range from the most wonderful to the most awkward of moments. Landmark's David Cunningham shares how we can communicate effectively and have our family reunions be enjoyable and rewarding.
Creating Your Dream Job (video) | (transcript)
KOMO TV (Seattle, USA)
Whether you're seeking a new job or career or just want to be passionate about the one you've got, Landmark Forum leader David Cunningham shares tips on having work that turns you on.
Daily Buzz
Talking to kids about money (video)
Daily Buzz (national TV)
During difficult economic times, talking with kids about money can be especially challenging.
Air America
Montel Across America
Air America (national radio)
Montel Williams' Father's Day interview with Landmark Forum leader David Cunningham
Positive Living
Experiencing The Landmark Forum (video)
Positive Living (national TV)
For the first time on national TV, see inside The Landmark Forum as you follow one man's experience.
Positive Living
Careers (video) | Gossip and Complaints (video)
Forgiveness (video) | Money (video)
Positive Living (national TV)
Landmark Forum leader Dr. Nancy Zapolski talks about success on Positive Living, a national TV series.
Better TV
Recession and Your Marriage
Better TV (national TV)
Is recession putting stress on your wallet and taking a toll on your marriage? Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset offers tips on how to recession-proof your marriage.
Daily Buzz
Recession-Proof Your Marriage
Daily Buzz (national TV)
Dealing with the effects of a down economy is the topic in an interview with Landmark Education program leader Deborah Beroset.
Recession-Proof Your Life
WGN (national TV)
Meet challenges the recession places on our lives, with a three-step approach to navigating financial challenges described by Landmark Education program leader Deborah Beroset.
health24 logo
Inside a Landmark Forum Weekend
“Could it be that our constant struggle to be happier, is stopping us from being happy right now?”
Great Day Saint Louis KMOV-TV
Turning Gossip into Gold
Great Day Saint Louis (KMOV-TV, St Louis)
"You can transform gripe gossip into something that can actually bring you closer to the people in your life. As you practice these steps over time, you'll develop some real muscle at turning would-be gossip into gold," says Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset.
Vive Magazine
Right Here, Right Now
Vive Magazine (Australia)
"According to Landmark Education, much of the way we live our lives is based on the meaning we attach to the things that happen to us...Being aware of this goes a long way to help ensure we don't relive the past in the future."
The Apprentice Magazine
The Keys to Success
The Apprentice Magazine (UK)
Top business people who've participated in The Landmark Forum describe how the experience has benefited their creativity, their effectiveness, and their businesses' bottom lines.
Jewish Independent
Attain Freedom From the Past
Jewish Independent
"It's called The Landmark Forum. And it had more of an effect on me than years of reading self-help books, life coaching, meditation, exercise, diets, cross-cultural experiences in foreign lands, jumping out of airplanes, rappelling down buildings, and eating Montreal smoked meat. It was transformative."
The Sunday Times London
Managing My Inner Brat
The Sunday Times (London)
"When you begin to examine your behaviour in a rigorous way, you see that things you always thought were 'their fault' are at least partly yours. Although this is initially uncomfortable, it is also empowering..."
Chicago Tribune
Managing Anger When Humor Simply Can't Be Summoned
Chicago Tribune
Dr. Joseph DiMaggio, senior program director with Landmark Education, is interviewed by the Chicago Tribune on tips for interacting effectively with differing political points of view.
The Observer London
So what is The Landmark Forum? 
The Observer (London)
Amelia Hill, a reporter for The Observer, decided to find out about the Landmark Forum. What she discovered about the program—and herself—will surprise you.
'Transformation' in a Weekend?
John Chmela says one long weekend in a Chicago conference room changed his life.
Pasadena Weekly
What Do You Like about Your Life?
Pasadena Weekly
In The Landmark Forum, the author gets in touch with her inner brave soul who takes on big things with joy and without regret.
London Times Magazine
The Story of Our Lives (excerpt)
London Times Magazine
"As we left (The Landmark Forum), we were visibly happier than three days earlier...I was charmed by the experience."
The Boston Globe
Soul Training (excerpt) 
The Boston Globe
"But I couldn't deny what was going on in front of my eyes. I could see the transformations taking place right in front of me. Reached a month later...participants also say their lives and attitudes remain altered."
Time Magazine
Time Magazine Excerpt
Time Magazine
"[More than 2.2 million people] have taken the [Landmark] Forum. Landmark is becoming a global brand name, with [53] offices in [19] countries."
Teen Magazine
The Weekend That Changed My Life
Teen Magazine
"I love it! I never knew I could be so happy. And, I owe a lot of it to The Landmark Forum."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Come On! There's a New Life Waiting over the Weekend
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Get rid of your destructive pasts. Get intimate with your mate. Share with others, and grow."
Sydney Tribune
The Landmark Forum (excerpt)
Sydney Tribune
"If you want a life that is extraordinary and are committed to being all you can be, do The Landmark Forum. I hate to sound like an advertising pitch, but any description of The Landmark Forum will fall far short of doing it justice."
Health and Fitness Magazine
On Course for a Change
Health & Fitness Magazine
"I can honestly say The Landmark Forum transformed the quality of my life."
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