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The Seminar Leaders Program

What marks a Landmark leader is a dedication to possibility. Instead of merely pointing people toward convenient answers and known pathways to success, these leaders operate from a stand for a world of possibility. In this program, you’ll develop your ability to communicate effectively with large groups of people, and to speak in a way that inspires others to produce unprecedented results. It will provide you with a consistent forum for expressing and realizing your own commitment to make a powerful, immediate difference in people’s lives. You’ll find yourself fully owning and creating the work of transformation with a freedom, confidence, and strength in your daily life.

Course Details
After successfully completing the Landmark Introduction Leaders Program, participants in the Seminar Leaders Program are trained intensively for up to two years to be able to deliver the value of the seminars in people’s lives. Once qualified to lead seminars, participants spend many additional hours each week in study, preparation, administration, and communication with the seminar participants in addition to leading the seminars.

Completion of The Landmark Forum, The Landmark Forum in Action Seminar, The Advanced Course, The Self-Expression and Leadership Program, and The Introduction Leaders Program.

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