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Given By Our Commitment To All Human Beings – 
A Statement From Landmark’s CEO

Given by our commitment to all human beings and the relationship among all human beings, we/Landmark stand with the Black community and with other people around the world for the end of racism, systemic injustice, and police brutality. We are also standing for all human beings being treated with respect, equality and dignity, and having the opportunity to create their own lives, be fulfilled in life, and make the difference they are out to make.

There is outrage sparked by the most recent outrageous and unacceptable events in Minneapolis and other places. This outrage is about both the most recent incidents and the long history of not being listened to and actions not being taken. While Landmark in no way condones violence, we understand the anger and frustration of people who have not been heard.

Landmark has had a long-standing policy of not having a political agenda, and not affiliating with or endorsing any political or social issues or movements – and we continue to stand by that policy. However, at this moment, we want to make certain that our stand for empowering all people is clear.

We have had this policy intentionally to ensure that we provide an environment where people of various political and social views are free to participate together, and to transform matters that have previously been unmovable.

For decades, Landmark has been committed to causing a profound transformation for millions of individual people, and to create a new possibility of what, for us human beings, it means to be a human being – and ultimately, to have the world work for all people.

Professors Bruce Hyde and Drew Kopp, in their recently published book, Speaking Being: Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger, and A New Possibility of Being Human, wherein they have a transcript of a 1989 Forum, stated:

“The dialogue of The Forum thus unconceals the possibility of a profound relationship of Being among human beings. This relatedness, we propose, is at a deeper and more fundamental level than the differences – of race, ethnicity, religion, or politics – that occur for us as persistent barriers to cooperation in all aspects of our lives. Erhard’s work, and its expanding manifestation in the current programs of Landmark Worldwide, create the possibility for transcending those barriers.” (page 96)

We want to leave you with our as-yet-to-be fulfilled future that we are committed to causing:

“There is a new and profound understanding among organizations, institutions, and cultures of what it takes to impact and fulfill what really matters to people, bringing to life a new awareness of humanity and what it takes to make a difference in the world.

“For the world, things that historically have never moved are now moving. The world has changed. A new reality has emerged.”


Harry Rosenberg, CEO – for the Staff, Program Leaders, and thousands of stakeholders of Landmark Worldwide