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Lasting results that expand and unfold over time

Why Landmark

A fundamental principle of Landmark’s work is that people and the communities, organizations, and institutions with which they are engaged have the possibility not only of success, but also of fulfillment and greatness. It is to this possibility that Landmark and its work are committed. Landmark’s programs are designed to bring about breakthroughs—not mere insights or improvements, but lasting results that expand and unfold over time.

Transformative Learning

Landmark’s Breakthrough Technology

Landmark’s programs are grounded in a model of transformative learning. Informative learning adds to people’s skills by bringing new knowledge; transformative learning gives people an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think, and act. From that awareness comes a fundamental shift that leaves people more fully in accord with their own possibilities and those of others. This shift is the single most powerful attribute of Landmark’s breakthrough methodology. Participants find themselves able to think and act beyond existing views and limits—in their personal and professional lives, relationships, and wider communities of interest.

Landmark's method leaves you applying what you learned naturally and without effort. Similar to what happens when you first ride a bicycle, in Landmark's methodology you learn by direct personal discovery—a moment occurs when a new ability is yours. You become confident in what you've learned, and the new ability is yours forever.

The Landmark Forum, Landmark’s flagship program, is designed to bring about such a fundamental shift in what’s possible in people's lives. This transformation is not a one-time event, but an ongoing access to living an extraordinary life.

Participants Share Their Breakthroughs

  Hear from other participants  
  • Red Whittaker Head of Robotics Carnegie Mellon University
    “I don’t recall any course that I have ever taken that has had an equivalent impact and effect on my life.”

    Red Whittaker Ph.D.
    Head of Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Jennifer Kramer President of Special Olympics Chicago
    “To know that I could be effective at work was one thing, but to know that I could make a difference at the same time was a huge gift.”

    Jennifer Kramer
    President of Special Olympics Chicago

  • Tom Bilyk Former Chief of Juvenile Justice States Attorney’s Office
    “I’m now able to forward collaboration effortlessly between different agencies around difficult challenges and issues.””

    Tom Bilyk
    Former Chief of Juvenile Justice, States Attorney’s Office

Independent Research

Independent Case Studies about Landmark Forum

Independent Study, Case Studies, and Surveys about The Landmark Forum

The facts speak for themselves. Landmark’s programs have been the subjects of several independent research studies.
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Hear from Corporate Leaders

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    “I have yet to see anything else that has such a positive impact on people's ability to relate, communicate, and perform as Landmark.”

    Paul Fireman
    Founder and former Chairman/CEO, Reebok

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    Of all the programs we've ever done with our staff, Landmark's has made the most difference—a difference that impacted our bottom line as well as the satisfaction level of our employees.

    Andrew Cherng
    Founder and Co-CEO Panda Express

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    The culture at Lululemon, because of the work we do with Landmark, is truly one of personal accountability.

    Christine Day
    Former CEO, Lululemon Athletica

  • education of landmark forum participants
    “What greatly impressed me about Landmark is it gives people a hands-on access to altering the culture of an organization and effecting significant change in a surprisingly short period of time.”

    Michael C. Jensen
    Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    “Landmark’s programs provide access to those key components of performance that allow companies to grow. Our sales have increased an average of 25% year over year.”

    Chip Wilson
    Founder and Former Chairman of the Board, Lululemon Athletica

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    “Out of my participation in Landmark I was able to effectively create a strong platform of communication, integrity, and trust. Our team has become an incredible force for innovation and performance, and we’ve increased productivity 50%.”

    Peri Steffenhagen
    Engineering IT Architecture Program Manager, Cisco

  • Corporate Leaders talk about Landmark Forum
    “I can’t think of a more effective training program. One of the most valuable results I got was the ability to deal with intractable global problems without getting discouraged. Participants gain the tools to go out into the world and make things happen.”

    Dr. Charles McNeill
    Senior Policy Advisor, United Nations Development Programme, Environment and Energy Group

Landmark in the News

Time Magazine Features Landmark ForumTime Magazine features Landmark as “the first stop in any transformation tour.”
Forbes reports on Landmark Forum Forbes - There’s a lot to be gained from cleaning up messes and getting complete...
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People Making a Difference

  • Participant Sarah Culberson makes a difference
    From gaining educational infrastructure to having clean drinking water, the people of Sierra Leone are starting over and building new lives.

    Princess Sarah Culberson
    Co-founder, Kposowa Foundation

  • Participant Peter Kang makes a difference
    In the harsh winters of North Korea, with limited supplies, the balloon project delivers thousands and thousands of pairs of socks.

    Peter Kang
    Founder, Korea Peace Initiative

  • Participant Max Vodane makes a difference
    GOPAT’s mission remains in giving an unadulterated thrill to seniors. (video)

    Max Vodane
    Founder, GOPAT

  • Participants Andrea Herz Payne and Hunter Payne make a difference
    Shining the spotlight on forgotten issues and people who have been left behind after natural disasters and human crises.

    Andrea Herz Payne and Hunter Payne
    Co-Founders, Aid Still Required

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