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94% of participants say Landmark made a profound and lasting difference in their lives

The Talent Foundation Study: A Shortcut to Motivated and Adaptive Workforces

The results of the study, conducted by the Talent Foundation within accepted scientific guidelines, were both surprising and exciting—they validate the effectiveness of the Landmark technology in enhancing people's motivation, commitment and readiness to learn.

Summary of Findings
Within two years of participating in Landmark's three-day program, individuals reported:

  • Significantly higher levels of self-esteem, motivation, and self-confidence.
  • More proactive attitudes related to their learning and ability to apply new skills at work.
  • More confidence in finding opportunities to apply their skills and make a difference at work.

Participants' level of motivation, when compared to the control group, was significantly higher, even two years after participating in the course.

“Based on our findings, readiness to learn can be developed through short interventions, such as the one evaluated in this research [about The Landmark Forum]. Contrary to popular belief that sees attitude as a ‘given,' where people either have it or not, there is clear evidence that not only can good attitude towards learning be developed, but also that it can be done quickly. The course produced radical and sustained change in the way individuals relate to their own development.”

See Full Study. (PDF)