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Do Yourself a Favour

The Bucks Herald, by Alex Pratt, September 18, 2016

A British business owner and leader in his community recently came to America and took part in The Landmark Forum in Chicago. He wrote about his experience in The Bucks Herald newspaper.

Do Yourself a Favour

By Alex Pratt

This week’s column comes at you from Chicago.

 I came to America to become a better me; a better leader, and a better boss. In fact what I am learning is how to be a human being.

The distinction is important.

I’m taking part in The Landmark Forum, which it turns out is about changing the paradigm of what it means to be a human being. I have parachuted into a group of a hundred Americans, who each in their own way has taught me something transformational.

As you might expect the room has been populated with a lot of “Awesome!”, ‘Y’all” and a smattering of “Amen!” but the overwhelming presence has been love.

A business is a golden opportunity to transform life for the people in your life.

These people are the entirety of your life, but we are so locked into our stories about what different happenings mean, and avoiding looking bad that most moments to be fully alive pass us by.

Naturally, I thought I was above all that. Yeah, right.

It’s as simple as understanding that the only win to win at life is for the people in our lives to win. Beyond relationships with family, friends and colleagues, in business we have major extended networks into supply chains and customers. We can make a big difference.

Have you given your word to anything lately and if so, do you hold to the standard of being your word?

Integrity, or no integrity; there is no “kinda”.

Doing a training course in Chicago has touched me to the core. You will not find the story we hold about Americans. I’ve experienced warm people who care deeply about their community and making a difference.

These people have the guts and passion to bare their deepest fears and to step forward to stand for what matters. It has been deeply and profoundly humbling. We can be so life-numbing.

Imagine a world in which the prevailing approach became that everybody gets to win; and that we all stood for something with integrity.

Your job would be to support others. Put yourself first and you end last. Forget about yourself and you loom powerful and large.

You can do The Landmark Forum in London. Do your family, friends and yourself a massive favour: register.

It’s time to stand for what matters and join in changing the world one person at a time. It could be you.