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Landmark in the News

Landmark Helps You Find Compassion Again

Nguoi Viet Daily News, by Ngo Giao, March 09, 2017

The following article has been translated into English from Vietnamese.

WESTMINSTER, California (NV) -At 7 pm on Friday, March 3, Mr. Vo Minh Triet organized a conference to introduce The Landmark Forum at the conference center of Nguoi Viet newspapers in Westminster.

The majority of participants are those who have attended lectures from The Landmark Forum and wanted to bring their family members to encourage their participation.

Mr. Triet represents: “The Landmark Forum will help transform your lives 100% and give you more confidence, compassion and tolerance.”

It is known that Mr. Triet and his wife, along with tens of assistants, are volunteers. They together have contributed their efforts and labor just because of wanting to promote to the Vietnamese community the unexpected good results that The Landmark Forum has brought to them.

He gave an example from his family life.

He said: “I wanted to work in the kitchen and cook for my wife and children every evening. And I also wanted my wife to help me in the kitchen. Cooking together and sharing happy and sad occurrences during the day is a joy.”

However, he is also meticulous, and wants to conform to standards in anything he does.

“Each time I saw my wife not being able to chop onions evenly and with different lengths, I criticized her severely, without paying attention to her feelings.”

When her feelings were offended, his wife, obviously, was not happy. He thought that his wife did not want to improve herself and refused to correct things that she did wrong.

Therefore, even though he had a small hope that the dinner would bring harmony between husband and wife; once again, the dinner was filled with hurt, frustration, and coldness.

Those meals continued like this because the behavior of both husband and wife remained unchanged. Until they participated in The Landmark Forum lecture course, the man who loved to cook for his wife and children let his extreme meticulousness cause tension and quarrels in the family.

After The Landmark Forum course, he found a more appropriate attitude for himself and his family has had meals with the family sentiments that he thinks are critical for happiness.

He said: “They did not teach me how to behave in a way that is satisfactory to my wife, but they showed me how to act to get what I want.”

According to Mr. Triet, this is not a course about human interactions but a course that helps people find the compassion they have already had in their hearts, and develop a tolerant and forgiving attitude to people around them.

“In other words, I, as well as everybody else, already have kindness and compassion in our hearts. However, I also have 'blind spots' which clouded over and made me unable to understand that my wife also wanted to have meals in harmony as much as I did.”

The Landmark Forum helped him and his wife find their blind spots so that they not only stopped criticizing each other, but even love each other more.

Ms. Tina Le, a volunteer, said: “When I was 8 years old, I was sexually abused by a monk. I told my parents, but I did not see either of them do anything to help me. I hated my parents and had a rebellious and disrespectful attitude for many years. Thanks to The Landmark Forum, I was able to talk with my parents and found out that they cared for me and had a direct conversation with that monk. Now, I am able to forgive this monk and love my parents wholeheartedly.”

March 24, 25 and 26 are the three important days that Landmark Forum in Irvine will have programs in Vietnamese. As a result, many people want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Ms. Wynne Nguyen, another volunteer, said: “I have participated in a course of The Landmark Forum. On March 18, my parents from Vietnam will come here to participate in The Landmark Forum course in Vietnamese.”

Mr. Triet said that the lecture at Landmark Forum will last three and a half days, from Friday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and a Tuesday evening.

The participation fee is $665.

For more information and special price for Vietnamese people, please contact Tammy at (714) 206-2273 or Tina at (714) 360-8584.

Landmark Forum is a program of Landmark Worldwide, a company operating in many parts of the world with the goal of helping people grow in every aspect, from personal to professional, with the basic principle that everyone has the potential to achieve success, integrity and nobleness.

Landmark Worldwide Company has been featured in the press in news outlets such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, The London Observer and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Last year, 189,000 people in the world participated in the Landmark Forum.

Landmark Worldwide Company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Contact the author: ngo.giao@nguoi-viet.com.