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You might have job burnout if...

Orlando Business Journal, by Cindy Barth, October 11, 2016

Good morning, Orlando!

Let's start this morning with an item from Landmark Worldwide: You might be facing job burnout if you...

  1. Repeatedly complain
  2. Frequently participate in gossip and don't enjoy being with your co-workers
  3. Dread going to work and/or are chronically late
  4. Are overly tired and feel trapped/stuck with no place to go
  5. Lie or compromise what's important to you, like not doing a good job that you know you can do

But Cindy, you're yelling at your computer now (that's a sign you need more coffee, BTW), "What shall I do to defeat this dreaded workplace disease?"

Well, Landmark suggests three things:

  • reconnect to what really matters to you;
  • align your work with your personal integrity (i.e., do what you say you're going to do because people are depending on you);
  • and don't get stuck in complaint mode.