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Landmark in the News

You might have job burnout if...

Orlando Business Journal, by Cindy Barth, October 11, 2016

Good morning, Orlando!

Let's start this morning with an item from Landmark Worldwide: You might be facing job burnout if you...

  1. Repeatedly complain
  2. Frequently participate in gossip and don't enjoy being with your co-workers
  3. Dread going to work and/or are chronically late
  4. Are overly tired and feel trapped/stuck with no place to go
  5. Lie or compromise what's important to you, like not doing a good job that you know you can do

But Cindy, you're yelling at your computer now (that's a sign you need more coffee, BTW), "What shall I do to defeat this dreaded workplace disease?"

Well, Landmark suggests three things:

  • reconnect to what really matters to you;
  • align your work with your personal integrity (i.e., do what you say you're going to do because people are depending on you);
  • and don't get stuck in complaint mode.