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The Landmark Forum

The Landmark Forum, our flagship program, is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life—in just three days. You’ll experience a new and unique kind of freedom, effectiveness, and power—the freedom to be at ease in any circumstance, a new effectiveness in areas that really matter to you, and the power to make what you’re committed to into a reality. In those areas of life that are most important to you—the quality of your relationships, your personal productivity, the difference you’re out to make, the degree to which you enjoy your life, and more—you’ll experience benefits both practical and profound that continue to expand and unfold over time.

  • What's In It For You

    Redefine the very nature of what’s possible in your relationships, your work, your family—in just three days.

  • How It Works: Breakthrough Methodology

    With Landmark's breakthrough methodology, you apply what you learn naturally and without effort.

  • Who Participates

    Physicians, academics, business people, artists, retirees, and parents raising children—you can find them all at Landmark programs.

  • The Landmark Forum Course Details

    The course takes place over three consecutive days and an evening session.

  • For Young People, Teens, and Families

    The power to invent new possibilities; courage to face challenges; and freedom to create, grow, and be fully expressed.

  • Attend a FREE Introduction to The Landmark Forum

    Get the who, what, why, where, and when at an in-person Introduction. Find out what it’s all about before you participate.

  • Make Possibility a Reality

  • Landmark's Core Programs

    Landmark's Core Programs

  • What People Say

  • Landmark Faculty

    Landmark's Faculty