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Evening Seminar Series

Causing the Miraculous: A New Realm of Possibility

Create an environment in which you can cause the miraculous to not only occur, but to occur reliably.

Oftentimes, we think “yes, we can create possibilities,” “yes, we have a say in the matter”—but can we really create something outside of what we consider the realm of the possible? Can we consistently produce over-the-top outcomes—other than through serendipity, chance, or luck? Do we have the capacity to create an environment in which the miraculous can occur?

We can't create miracles by earning them. They don’t happen because we deserve them or work hard. Making the miraculous possible exists outside of what we can explain. The miraculous doesn't fit inside reality as we understand it. This seminar is about allowing what you’d think is not possible to occur—it’s about gaining tools, insights, and understanding into what it takes to create an environment in which you can have the miraculous occur, and occur reliably.