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Living Powerfully:

A Life That Defies the Predictable

Each of us wants to live a life that’s a match for who we are, but sometimes we get wrapped up with the circumstances of life, and forget that living powerfully is always available to us. If we think of power as the velocity with which we turn intentions into reality, what does it take to live powerfully—to fulfill what we see as possible?

In this seminar, you’ll find yourself generating the stakes to a new or expanded game, based in what matters most to you. You’ll clear up past issues that may have stopped or limited you, and experience a new ability to meet and take on challenges, to get and stay on track with what you know is possible.

Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum and one other Seminar series OR The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. 

WebMedia Feature
Participation in this seminar includes online access to a WebMedia Feature. Here you’ll find multimedia recreations of course sessions and Exchange HotSpot discussion groups, where you can interact with fellow participants. For access, please log in now or create an account.